No-code tokenomics simulation in minutes

The Cenit Tokenomics Simulator helps you create robust token economies as well as analyze existing projects.
Fill in our form with the details of your tokenomics and get a simulation of its future dynamics within a fully interactive web dashboard.

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Insightful tokenomics simulations

Refine your tokenomics by experimenting and visualizing multiple scenarios.
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Start from a simple questionaire

Get accurate simulations by filling in a form with simple and straightforward inputs. In less than 15 minutes
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Adapted to your token utilities

Choose and combine from the most common token utilities and mechanisims, such as staking, fees in token, incentives, emissions, burning, or buybacks
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For your specific business model

DEXes, Lending/Borrowing, Derivatives, Infrastructure/L1s/L2s, Liquid staking, Dapps, Games… and more on the way!
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Tokenomics stress testing
Create your own in-depth simulations for multiple token economies in less than 15 minutes with the Cenit Simulator software