Bulletproof tokenomics

Make your tokenomics designs robust based on token engineering approach
•  Understand every upcoming scenario and how your economy will behave
•  Transmit these insights to your shareholders and community with ease
Tokenomics Design
Generate the right tokenomics for your business model, that impact the right KPIs.
Model & Stress Test
Anticipate what might happen in multiple scenarios for your custom-designed tokenomics.
Continuous monitoring
Monitor the performance of your token economy beyond price and supply. Evaluate the potential impact of modifications or events on your real-time economy ahead of time.

New! Model your tokenomics for free

Get a first and basic simulation of a tokenomics design by yourself with our template for tokenomics modelling

Tokenomics Design

We assist you in identifying suitable models for your economy based on your business model and the best tokenomics practices.
1. We have analyzed dozens of tokenomics designs and how well they perform in the real world.
2. Based on your business model we propose the ones that best fit your use case.
3. We tune the chosen tokenomics model and align it with your business strategy.
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Model & Stress Test

Anticipate what might happen. We simulate multiple growth scenarios, vesting, and incentive schedules to understand how this will affect your token.

Our platform seamlessly integrates the custom designed tokenomics model into an easy to use dashboard. Test and visualize multiple scenarios.
1. Selling & buying pressure dynamics
2. Token robustness
3. Key factors impacting your tokenomics
4. Failure scenarios
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Continuous Monitoring

Our platform allows you to closely monitor the performance of your token economy and evaluate the potential impact of any modifications.

We will continuously update the simulations using real-time data from your users and holders, letting you study the potential future of your token economy and gain insights on how to best steer it.

Make informed decisions on changes, ensuring the long-term viability and sustainability of your project.
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