Healthy portfolio tokenomics

Invest in Tokens that accrue value.
Cenit provides the tools to design, analyze, and refine token economies, enhancing the performance and returns of your investments.
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Software Licensing
Own your token strategy with our do-it-yourself simulation platform
Custom Simulation Services
Get custom token strategies built just for you
Tokenomics Workshops
Advance your portfolio's expertise with specialized workshops

New! Model your tokenomics for free

Get a first and basic simulation of a tokenomics design by yourself with our template for tokenomics modelling

Software Licensing

Gain independence with our user-friendly simulation software, giving you the flexibility to explore and refine token strategies at your pace.

Use our platform to experiment and discover the most effective strategies for your business.
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Tokenomics desing
Tokenomics modeling

Building the simulations for you

We provide a tailored approach to token strategy, developing personalized simulations that forecast your token's performance.

Our team of experts works closely with you to ensure your strategy is solid and ready for the market, delivering data-backed insights in just a few weeks.
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Tokenomics workshops

Take your team's skills to the next level with our workshops focused on mastering our simulation software and applying its insights to improve your token economy.

These sessions are tailored to portfolio companies looking to deepen their practical knowledge of our tool, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and implement enhancements to your token strategies.

Learn from the experts how to leverage our platform for the greatest impact on your token's performance and value.
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