Tokenomics Modelling
& Risk Management

Achieve a robust token economy and a vesting schedule that aligns team, investors, and community.

We stress-test an enhance your designs with our agent-based simulation engine.

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Get solid tokenomics with our Token Engineering approach

From ideation to launch and beyond, Cenit helps you build mathematically backed and resilient tokenomics
We assist you in identifying and adapting suitable tokenomics models for your project based on your business model.
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Tokenomics Design

Model & Stress Test

Anticipate what might happen. We simulate multiple growth scenarios, vesting, and incentive schedules to understand how this will affect your token.
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Continuous monitoring

Once your token has launched, we continuously update the stress testing model with your real-time data and monitor your token economy.
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One platform for every possible scenario

Consider any design for your tokenomics, and any situation to test it against.

Get actionable insights to improve your economy.
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Meet our team

Our team gathers +10 year of experience in Data and