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Cenit is where token economies are created, shared and tested.
Achieve a robust token economy and a vesting schedule that aligns team, investors, and community.
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Get solid tokenomics with our Token Engineering approach

From ideation to launch and beyond, Cenit helps you build mathematically-backed and resilient tokenomics

Optimize your design parameters

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Quickly adjust and optimize your token utilities and distribution strategies using our intuitive tools. Find the perfect balance for your token's success.
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Anticipate meltdowns

Identify and plan for potential market risks to ensure the stability of your token. Our tools help you foresee and mitigate extreme market conditions.
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Easily understand and explain your business

Simplify the complexities of your token economy with clear visualizations and reports. Make tokenomics easy to understand for investors and your community.
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One platform for every possible scenario

Looking for inspiration? Get started with our tokenomics templates

Explore different tokenomics templates and obtain quantifiable insights. Begin with foundational concepts like staking, burning and buybacks, then tailor them to craft your distinctive economy