No code Tokenomics Simulator

Achieve a robust tokenomics design from a simple Excel spreadsheet. Discover how your economy will react against any possible upcoming scenario.

Communicate these insights to your investors and community with an interactive dashboard.

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Insightful tokenomics simulations

Design and assess any tokenomics effortlessly with our no-code simulator. Refine your tokenomics by experimenting and visualizing multiple scenarios.

Transition from basic pie charts to a comprehensive and easy to use dashboard. Develop your own narrative with our fully customizable templates.
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Your tokenomics simulation,
from a simple spreadsheet

Start from with our pre-made tokenomics templates or craft your unique design from the ground up.
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Track Crucial KPIs
of your economy

Design a personalized, interactive dashboard for a comprehensive view of your simulated token economy. Every on-chain and internal metric included
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Anticipate what might

Simulate multiple growth scenarios, vesting, and incentive schedules to understand how this will affect your token.
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Get started with our simulations templates

Explore different tokenomics templates and obtain quantifiable insights. Begin with foundational concepts like staking, burning and buybacks, then tailor them to craft your distinctive economy